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Sri Lanka is known for its welcoming people, endless beaches, famous tea, unique wilderness, timeless ruins, contributing to a cultural stronghold. with a proud history in Asia. Sri Lanka is one of only 34 biodiversity hot spots in the world. In Mercer’s Quality of Life survey, Colombo ranked Number 1 in the South Asian Region. Sri Lanka leads the South Asian region in terms of high human development indicators – high literacy and national health rates.


We at Sri Lanka Journey offer a collection of unique Travel Packages, Hotel Offers, Excursion Packages and Guided Tours with a mind relaxing rural countryside experience and the most amazing beach stays on the coast of Sri Lanka. The Main city Colombo offers amazing hotels of various budgets, cafes and pubs, abundant nightlife, art theaters, and wellness facilities. Furthermore all other attractions will guarantee you a memorable holiday experience that makes you want to come back for more. Visit our unique tours below otherwise simply click the below button to make your own dream journey with us.

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Sri Lanka Journey contributes significantly to environmental and cultural protection, promoting social and human rights standards in the destinations we visit through our unmistakable market position. Travel and Tourism companies are continually taking an active path towards sustainability not just because consumers expect them to do so, but because they are conscious that intact destinations are essential to the tourism industry’s long-term survival. Organizations that are prepared to boost their sustainability results, with a positive impact on customer satisfaction, personal motivation and business efficiency.

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